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4:39pm 02-03-2016
Li Ming-yang
Li Ming-yang,
No.15 Laocheng Street,
JiYang, 251400,
ShanDong province,

Dear Tamar:

Greetings from China! I'm Li Ming-yang, a Chinese boy who likes Tamar Katz very much! As a faithful fan, I regard Tamar as my favorite figure skater! This is the first time I have written and I am really excited! Please just take a look! Thanks for spending your valuable time reading my letter!

I have fallen in love with you for the first time I have seen you! And I always watch the matches of yours on the internet. I'm amazed by your wonderful performance and you are always so brilliant. Your charming eyes and beautiful smiles are driving me crazy! As far as I am concerned, you are just the best figure skater all over the world! Tamar, I love you!

Although, you live far away from China, there are still many faithful fans of yours besides me in China! As a civilized ancient country, there are many old culture and delicious food in China. I’m sure you will fall in love with the beautiful sights here! The more important thing is that there are plenty of fans of yours in China, and all of them besides me are looking forward to you coming to China one day! Tamar, welcome to China!

By the way, I have a small request: it is my dream to get your autographed photos, I know it is a little difficult for you, I hope it can come true, because they are very important figures in my heart. And you are always kind to fans and never let us down! If you could send me one, I will keep it forever. Thanks very much!

Finally, I wish you all the best! I am very confident that Tamar Katz could get greater success in 2016! Wish you the very best of luck in your job, every success in your future endeavours, good health and a happy family!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards,

Yours very sincerely
Li Ming-yang
The Supporter of Tamar Katz
1:36am 03-21-2013
3:16pm 08-26-2012
anabelle bacani
I'm interested with the style of your dresses. I want to buy one.
6:45pm 04-12-2012
ava durand
You inspire me and I hope one day to skate for Israel in the olympic games!
10:48am 03-17-2011
anita hartshorn
hello -we are living and performing in Eilat in the WOW show on ICe. If you are back in Israel please call us and we will bring you into the show- we will be here for 12- 24 months. and give Mark Mitchell a hugs for me..
ANita 054-760-9653
9:56pm 09-28-2010
Good luck this season
3:51am 02-25-2010
Joan DeSantis
Sorry we missed you in the 2010 Winter Olympics. My 11-year-old daughter, Allison, is skating at the Juvenile level for the Washington Figure Skating Club and trains in Ashburn, VA. Good luck in Turino!
11:56pm 02-13-2010
You may be a wonderful skater; but your comments about not being able to to go the Olympics are totally off-base and are just a sign of immaturity. Lots of athletes have physical conditions that prevent them from doing well, or well enough to qualify, maybe some are injured, and you know? That's just the breaks. If you don't like rules, don't skate in international competitions. To say like a child, "These policies fly...in the face of the whole reason of the Olympics." are just a sign that you need to grow up a little more. Maybe in four years.
11:22am 02-12-2010
Laura (Katz) Novich
Hi Tamar,
It seems our lives are reverse. I grew up in Suffern and first learned to ice skate at sport-a-rama. Now I live in Israel with my husband and children. We can't wait to see you skate again! Good Luck in all you do!
2:38pm 10-31-2009
Saw you on Halloween on Ice. Good Luck Next year
10:13pm 10-01-2009
Janice Stoffel
Congratulations! Good luck at the Olympics!
Janice Stoffel
4:01pm 10-01-2009
Tonya Greywind
Way to go Tamar!! I am so happy for you! All of us here at NDCDE will be crossing our fingers for you!! Congratulations!"
2:41am 08-20-2009
What a lovely website. Best of luck to you, Tamar
3:58pm 06-16-2009
Weird Vision
Good luck with the new season!